“Sisterly Bonding Time!”

As you know, Christmas is soon coming up. I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I like making Gingerbread houses. Apparently, my little sister’s daycare thought it would be “fun” to force every family to decorate a PAPER Gingerbread man. My mom, being as she is, told be that I had to do it with my sister, instead of HER with my sister. So, yeah, I love my sister, but she’s kind of a glitter queen and she scares me.

Picture this: Me, timidly colouring a Hello Kitty tee shirt, hoop earrings and heels, her, gluing rainbow hair, scribbling a skirt and putting stickers in places stickers should not be put.

I’m scarred for life. Want me to post a picture of her final masterpiece? I’d be glad to scar you guys for life, too! ❤

QOTD: Do YOU have any funny sibling/family bonding time stories? Comment them!

Lots of love,



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